We offer biomarker analysis services for CROs, pharm, biotech and B2C clinics/pharmacies as follows:

Bespoke account management and fast track service, attention to detail, exclusive pricing, bulk discounts testing conducted in our UK laboratory under our own QS.  The laboratory is extremely well equipped for molecular biology (DNA and RNA testing) and biomarker analysis, with instrumentation predominantly provided by Thermo Fisher and Sysmex.

biomarker services 

Tests for proteins

We offer complex biomarker testing for proteins via e.g. ELISA, AlphaLisa, Time Resolved Fluorescence and also Immunofluorescence.   These analyses includes a wide range of health care related  parameters, many of which are validated assays, including for example pro-inflammatory cytokines, NAD/NADH, lactate/pyruvate.

Available Assays

Assays are available for; clinical chemistry, haematology screening (including reticulocytes), coagulation profiling, urinalysis for basic chemistry analytes and detailed urine flow cytometry analysis (equivalent to microscopic examination), serology testing and hormone testing.