About Geneblitz

State-of-the-science molecular services

Geneblitz® is part of Complement Genomics Ltd, an established, reliable, and highly recommended DNA testing and molecular biology service company.

The Geneblitz® molecular biology service serves the CRO and pharmaceutical sector with state of the art genotyping and biomarker analysis for phase I – IV clinical trials. We work with clients from phase I through to post marketing surveillance, to GCP.

A particular expertise is in genomics (pharmacogenomics) and we can conduct whole exome sequencing, RNA sequencing, whole genome sequencing or any size genotyping projects. We operate Thermo ion torrent for next generation sequencing.

We offer corporate clients service provision in human identity testing (e.g. paternity), pharmacogenetics and microbial analysis by NGS.

More recently, we have offered a full service testing for SARS-CoV-2 by PCR and which for consumers can be accessed via www.covid19geneblitz.com

We also offer human identity testing direct the legal profession and social services via www.dadcheckgold.com and business to consumer via (www.dadchecksilver.com and www.thatdnacompany.com). This involves paternity and human relationship questions using DNA testing technology. Our UK based ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories are recognised by the UK Ministry of Justice for section 20 paternity testing.

We also operate chXout®, a dedicated service for non-human DNA testing. This is focused on avian testing, food authentication and environmental genetics (www.chxout.com).

We are based in the Durham Genome Centre (www.durhamgenome.com).