Avuncular DNA Testing

Our Avuncular DNA tests are here to establish relationships between a tested child and their aunt(s) and/or uncle(s).

This DNA test compares an individuals DNA profile with that of an alleged aunt or uncle. As an individual inherit half of his/her DNA from each of their  biological parents, such comparison discloses whether the tested individual has inherited DNA from the alleged aunt and/or uncle.


100% accuracy


4 working day turnaround


ISO 17025 accredited laboratories

Mothers’ Participation

Please note that the results of more complex relationship tests, such as an avuncular DNA test are not usually as conclusive as a standard paternity test. This can result in cases where a relationship may exist but we are unable to detect it, simply due to the way in which the DNA has been inherited.

To make the results more conclusive, we strongly recommend that the mother(s) of the participants in the test take part where possible. For this reason we will include a swab and its processing free of charge.


Our laboratory only accepts cheek cell (buccal) samples for avuncular DNA testing, as we find it is the most painless, quick and easy method for obtaining good quality DNA samples.

Our DNA testing kits contain everything you require for an avuncular DNA test.

The kit will include:


4 working day turnaround.

Once you have placed your order, your avuncular DNA testing kit will be dispatched the same day (if ordered before 4pm) by first class post.

Your results will be issued by the 4 working day turnaround time from receipt of your samples at our laboratory. Your results will be sent by email.

Human Tissue Act

Please note, we strongly recommend that the mother of the child participates in the test where possible as this makes the results much more conclusive. For that reason, we will include a swab and will process her DNA free of charge. 

Legal DNA Testing

If you require a DNA test for legal purposes, please follow the link below to dadcheck®gold.com

dadcheck® is accredited by the Ministry of Justice as a body that may carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts of England and Wales under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969.

dadcheck®gold is reconsigned on the national stage as a leader in paternity and DNA testing and has been providing DNA testing services to the legal profession, mediators, social services and the general public for over a decade.