Relationship DNA Testing

Here at Geneblitz we offer a range of DNA testing kits to determine the presence of relationships.

Our tests are carried out in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, using state of the art DNA technology, with only the most experienced staff.

Whether it be a paternity test all the way to a grandparentage test, Geneblitz is the number one choice for DNA testing.

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Paternity Tests

Our DNA test proves with 100% accuracy whether a tested male is, or is not, the biological father of the child.

‘Complex’ Tests*


This test is used to establish a relationship between a tested child and their aunt(s) and/or uncle(s).


Our grandparentage tests are here to establish a relationship between a tested individual and a possible grandfather/grandmother.


Our sibling test comes in two forms, a HALF-sibling test (i.e. do two individuals share a common parent or none) or a FULL-sibling test (i.e. do the tested individuals share two common parents or one).

Alternatively, if you wish to order our kits through eBay or Amazon they are also available through these services.

* ‘Complex’ tests are an option available to those who are unable to test against the alleged father/mother. As such they are not as straightforward as a simply paternity test, this can result in occasions where a relationship may exist but the laboratory techniques are unable to detect it simply due to the way in which the DNA has been inherited.