Avuncular DNA Test


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Our avuncular DNA tests are for establishing if two people share a biological relationship. We can test if two individuals are related as aunt/uncle/niece/nephew. This test is for personal information only: if you require a test for any legal purposes then please give us a call on 0191 543 6405.

Once you have placed your order, a testing kit will be dispatched the same day (if ordered before 4pm) by first class post. This kit includes a consent form, sterile swabs, a prepaid return envelope, an instruction sheet and our terms and conditions sheet.

Please note that the results for more complex relationship tests are not usually as conclusive as standard paternity tests. This can result in cases where a relationship may exist but we are unable to detect it, simple due to the way in which the DNA has been inherited. We strongly recommend that the mother(s) of the participants in the test take part where possible, as this helps us to get the most conclusive result. One mother may participate free of charge.

Our laboratory only accepts cheek cell samples, as we find it is the most painless, quick and easy method of obtaining a good quality DNA sample. All people providing a sample for a Geneblitz DNA test must give their consent for the test by signing the consent form provided with the sampling kit. We will not process samples for any paternity test unless we have the signed (written) consent of each of the adult participants. If a child under 16 is involved, a person with parental responsibility for the child (or children) must sign consent on their behalf. In cases where the father signs consent for a child under the age of 16, we will ask for evidence of parental responsibility such as a birth certificate.

Your samples are processed at our ISO 17025 accredited, UK based DNA testing laboratory. If you have any questions regarding our service please do not hesitate to contact our highly trained and experienced staff who will be happy to help.

Once we have received your samples back at the lab, your results will be ready in 4 working days. Once your results are ready, a PDF of your report will be emailed to you.