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Research & Collaboration

In addition to providing laboratory-based services to advance the research of our valued clients, the Company also takes part in a number of research programs including but not limited to the following:

1. Development of companion devices for the assessment of phase Ii enzyme status at POC.

We have developed expertise in both phenotying and genotyping for a number of enzymes, and in particular, phase II drug metabolism. Under this programme, we are working on biomarker validation in order to develop a device suitable for POC use.

2. Biomarker discovery and validation of novel assays for assessment of healing rate in the diabetic foot ulcer.

We have developed state of the art assays for the biomarkers involved in wound healing, as applied to the diabetic foot ulcer. This includes the inflammatory and remodelling phases via expression microarray, individual TaqMan assays and ELISA, We have also conducted NGS studies to assay the microbiology of the wound, with extraordinary data sets arising. Together with studies on the antimicrobial peptide status of the wound, we have possibly the most complete molecular picture to date of diabetic foot ulcers.

3. Inflammation and cancer biomarkers

The molecular pathways involved in the above studies have given us great insight into the inflammatory process and we have now extended our work to the study of biomarkers for inflammatory diseases and cancer, notably glioblastoma.

We are always interested to hear from partners in the UK, Europe and the rest of the World who may wish to collaborate in these areas.

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